The M2 Maverick Contour gives you two unique Wah modes. Further, the optical switching allows you to engage Wah without stomping a switch and if you lust for a traditional Wah tone, the Wah is controlled by a Audio 100K Slide Pot.



  • Dual Wah Mode – Swap between 2 different Wah modes
  • Switchless On/Off – Simply step on to engage Wah and step off to bypass.
  • Audio 100K Slide Pot – Traditional wah tone, travel and Q.
  • ‘True-Tone’ Bypass Buffer Circuit – Ensures pure guitar tone and maintains your signal level in bypass and Wah modes.
  • Feed it Anything – Ready to take on guitar, bass, keyboards, etc.
  • Built to Last – Road-worthy, cold-rolled steel housing.
  • Dimensions – 9.13″ (L) / 5.88″ (W) / 2.75″ (H)
  • Power – Morley 9V 300mA adapter or 9V battery.
  • Current Draw – 14 mA
  • 1 Year Warranty – Please keep your purchase receipt.