Gregory Hyde
Solo Artist
Pedals: Bad Horsie Wah

“Morley makes the most musical Wahs on the market.
The Switchless pedals are a no-brainer for me;
intuitive, smooth, and no switch to fumble with.
Plus, the durability has been outstanding –
these puppies are built to last. I love ’em.”



Adhnan Sulaiman
Band: The Poynt
Pedals: Mini George Lynch Dragon 2 Wah, Mini Maverick

“My other Wah broke within a week, then I
switched to Morley and never looked back.
My Maverick Wah is punishing!, it sounds
and feels unlike anything else on the market!
It is an honor to be a Morley Artist alongside guitar
heroes such as Mark Tremonti and Steve Vai.”



Joff Oddie
Band: Wolf Alice
Pedals: Volume Plus, Power Wah Volume

“I’ve been using the Volume Plus for many years
and have used various Morley Wahs on records.
Always sound great.”



Michel Laredo a.k.a Momo
Solo Bassist & Producer
Pedals: Power Fuzz Wah, Mini Maverick Wah

“From the very beginning, Morley made bullet proof products
that lasted the test of time. My Vintage 70’s units still work
awesome and my current switchless Wah gives me instant
access to unleashing possibilities that enhance my creative
process as well as put a huge smile in my head every time I
step on the world’s most comfortable and awesome Wah!”



Chris Monroy
Band: Skeletal Remains
Pedals: Bad Horsie Wah, Bad Horsie 2 Wah

“Killer pedals! Built like a monster.
The only pedal you need in your chain!”



Mark Medina
Band: For Love and Rock
Pedal: Steve Vai Bad Horsie Wah

“Great tone, quality and most of all reliability.”



Tracy Thornton
Band: Pan Rocks
Pedal: Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah

“After trying just about every Wah pedal
on the market, the Morley Bad Horsie 2 was
hands down the one for me! The contour knob
is invaluable. It sounds amazing, it feels
amazing and is built like a tank!”