Luigi De Vito
Solo Artist
Pedal: Bad Horsie 2 Wah

“It’s like two Wahs in one pedal. It’s
also extremely rugged, a must-have
on your pedal board.”



Andrea Quartarone
Solo Artist
Pedals: Bad Horsie Wah, Little
Alligator Volume & Buffer Boost

“I’ve been using Morley pedals many
years now both on stage and in the
studio. They deliver a great which is
a huge part of my sound.”



Steven Vasquez
Pedal: Power Fuzz Wah

“From the first time I played these pedals,
I fell in love with the sound; absolutely
amazing equipment to use.”



Wendell B Floyd II
Band: The Muzaholics
Pedals: Tremonti Wah & Volume Plus

“I’ve been using Morley pedals for many
. Their Wah pedals have a more
vocal-like tone than any other Wah
on the market.”



Josh Ramos
Band: Hardline
Pedals: Maverick Mini Wah,
Skeleton Wah & Dragon 2 Wah

“Morley’s have a unique sound, a wide
sweep that separates them from the 
I love the switchless designs. And a pedal
that glows in the dark? I love it!



Chris Davison
Band: The Inversion Circus
Pedals: Little Alligator Volume / ABY

Morley products have proven rugged,
road worthy, smooth, and quiet in my
signal chain. That’s why 20 years later,
I still rely on them.”